How To Choose the Best Kids Smart Watch for Your Niche Market

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Sixty percent of U.S. parents report that their 12 and younger children, engage with smartphones. One-third of the same group stated that their kids were engaging with smartphones before the age of five. These numbers tell us that smart technology is a normal way of life for younger generations.

How can your business keep up in a fast-moving tech world? How can you appeal to your market with competing technology? By offering smartwatches. The smartwatch market is expected to continue its growth.

If your consumers are buying smartwatches, offer some for their kids as well. Keep reading to find out how a kids’ smartwatch selection can appeal to your market audience.

What is a Kids’ Smartwatch?


A kids smartwatch does more than tell time. It’s usually connected with an application you can download to a phone or tablet. Kids’ smartwatches can connect to wifi or be added to a wireless data plan.

Parents can use them to keep tabs on their kids with a GPS. They can also monitor kids’ heart rate, number of steps, and monitor glucose levels.

Need to send your child a message? Just text their smartwatch and they’ll see it.

In short, smartwatches can make life easier and more exciting for kids and their parents.

Different Uses for a Kids’ Smartwatch


Don’t kids have enough tech already? Why do they need smartwatches as well? Smartwatches are wearable technology. Kids don’t have to carry around a smartphone or tablet to take advantage of helpful smartwatch features.

Move It, Move It

Sure, kids’ smartwatches can track fitness. Did you know they can also encourage kids to move around? Some kids’ smartwatches have built-in reminders to encourage fitness habits.

Tracking heart rate and monitoring steps are more perks provided by kids’ smartwatches.

Sleepy Time

Wondering how much sleep your child is actually getting? Kids’ smartwatches can track sleep so you can see if your child is having restless nights.

Stay Connected

Kids’ smartwatches can help families stay in contact with each other throughout the day. By using GPS trackers and text functions, you can stay connected with your child.


Some smartwatches can be set to remind kids to do their chores. Once they’ve completed chores or homework, they can play games and watch videos on their smartwatch. This handy little piece of tech can serve as a reminder, motivator, and reward.

Kids Smart Watch Features


You don’t just want any smartwatch available to your customers’ kids. You want the most marketable smartwatch for your customers’ kids. Here are some features that may appeal to kids, adults, and both.

Features Kids Want

Kids want to be entertained. A smartwatch can be a way to cure boredom. Some kids’ smartwatches offer games or apps they can play to pass the time. Others offer videos or even a camera.

Since kids are active, watches need to survive almost any scenario. Waterproof smartwatches are a great way to track your little swimmers’ activity level. 

Kids love a variety of colors as well. Vibrant color options will help your product appeal to a variety of kiddo styles. A kids’ smartwatch with changeable faces can be fun for kids to customize.

Whatever style you select you should make sure the smartwatch is comfortable. Kiddos aren’t likely to wear something that’s uncomfortable on their little wrists. If it doesn’t fit well, little ones won’t want to keep it on.

Features Parents Want

Parents may have different criteria for their kids’ smartwatches. GPS tracking might be an attractive option for parents. There can be peace of mind in knowing where our kids are at all times.

The other side of the GPS coin? Security. Parents also want to know their kids’ location is secure and can’t be hacked.

Most quality kids’ smartwatches aren’t cheap. Parents may be more willing to pay for this tech if they know it’s good quality. If the watch doesn’t hold up well to regular use, it’s not worth their investment.

Price point matters. Some parents may be able to pay a higher price for a good quality watch. Others can’t afford high-cost tech items for their kiddos.

Affordable, high-quality smartwatches are more likely to appeal to parents.

Features Kids and Parents Want

User-unfriendly technology can be frustrating. Parents and kids are less likely to keep a kids’ smartwatch that’s difficult to set up. Easy to use apps and watch functions are much more appealing for adults and kids alike.

Kids’ smartwatches shouldn’t take tech geniuses to set up and run. Instructions should be simple and easy to understand. The smartwatch itself should have clear user guides and kid-friendly language.

The Best Kids’ Smartwatch for Your Market


If you’re looking for a way to boost your niche market, consider adding kids’ smartwatches to your inventory. Kids are familiar with technology and enjoy using it. Parents can also benefit from GPS tracking, chore reminders, and communication with their kids.

Kids can watch videos or enjoy game time on their smartwatches. Kids’ smartwatches can help motivate kids to exercise. It can also track their fitness goals so parents can see them. Some smartwatches even monitor glucose levels in children with Diabetes.

The best kids’ smartwatch for your market should appeal to both parents and their children.

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